With their visceral combination of live music and interwoven storytelling, The Devil’s Violin weave a powerful spell of melody and mood. Thanks to funding from the Arts Councils of England and Wales, and PRS Foundation funding they are back with their fourth show.

The Devil’s Violin is Daniel Morden – story, Oliver Wilson-Dickson – violin, Sarah Moody – ‘cello and Dylan Fowler – guitar


Devil's Violin Poster Image

the new show from the Devil’s Violin

Touring February, March and October 2015 + festivals


What would you sacrifice for the sake of the one you love? The Forbidden Door tells passionate, funny and hauntingly interwoven stories. Twisting human nature’s need to disobey the rules into beautiful tales of love and loss.

This is storytelling for adults; there are no big eyes or nursery rhymes. Expect impossible quests, heart-stopping twists, love, loss, high drama, low comedy and pure moments of total abandonment from the real world.

“The words safe and solid don’t often spark the kind of energy and magic this company create. You could hear a pin drop all the way through the showing (of The Forbidden Door), like the air was all onstage with them. The music is divine and the storytelling mesmerising, I truly cannot wait to see the final piece.” Emma Bettridge, Bristol Old Vic Ferment Producer

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