‘Alaw’ is Welsh for melody, and it is a love of melody that is at the heart of this group. Drawing on a great wealth of musical experiences Alaw take their audiences on a musical journey – a tune brought back from a tour in Bulgaria or collaboration in India – but at the heart of their set is a passion for the old tunes of Wales.

From the elegant to the virtuoso, Alaw play with an empathy that comes from many years of working together. Dylan and Oliver have performed in Szapora and The Ian McMillan Orchestra ‘a bunch of top-drawer world musicians’ John Medd, Nott Eve Post. Oliver and Jamie are well known throughout the folk world as the frontline of Jamie Smith’s Mabon; “A top band led by one hell of an accordion player” Mike Harding, BBC Radio

Cariad at alawon hyfryd sydd wrth wraidd y grŵp newydd yma. Gan alw ar gyfoeth o brofiadau cerddorol, aiff Alaw â’u cynulleidfa ar daith gerddorol – tôn ddychwelodd o daith ym Mwlgaria neu gywaith yn India – ond angerdd dros hen alawon Cymru yw curiad calon eu cerddoriaeth.

O’r cain hyd y penigamp, mae Alaw’n chwarae mewn cytgord sy’n tarddu o flynyddoedd lawer o gydweithio. Bu Dylan ac Oliver yn perfformio yn Szapora a The Ian McMillan Orchestra: “a bunch of top-drawer world musicians” John Medd, Nott Eve Post. Mae Oliver a Jamie yn adnabyddus ledled y byd gwerin fel rheng flaen Jamie Smith’s Mabon: “A top band led by one hell of an accordion player”; Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2.