Alaw Cymreig yr Wythnos

This is a Youtube series of 22 Welsh folk tunes presented simply for other tune players to learn and enjoy.

A few years back I was tutoring on Trac Cymru’s summer school Yr Arbrawf Mawr, The Big Experiment. The enthusiasm that the participants had for learning Welsh traditional music was infectious. But many, particularly the English students, complained that the tunes were rarely heard in their local sessions – in fact rarely heard outside Wales at all.

So this is a stab at helping to get the tunes out there. Please listen, learn, share and enjoy!

You can find a playlist of all 22 tunes recorded below.

Some useful links:

www.trac-cymru.org – folk development agency for Wales
www.clera.org – promote playing trad Welsh music
www.sesiwn.com – details of tune clubs (part of Clera)
www.alawoncymru.com – notated Welsh tunes and some recordings (part of Clera)
abcnotation.com – a searchable database with lots of melodies