ALAW – news

Its been a great year of performances at arts centres, rural touring venues and festivals. Summer festivals have been a particular highlight with some great promotor feedback (below). Coming up next we have rural touring dates across the UK (Autumn 16 to Spring 17). Get the latest details from

“Many of the audience had heard Alaw before and were keen to see them again whilst for others, the band was a new delight. Everyone had a fantastic time – one of the highlights of the festival. Great energy and talented musicianship, definitely an experience not to be missed.”

Judy Whitehouse, Fishguard Folk Festival 2016

“Alaw treat Welsh traditional melodies with a sensitivity and energy that is unique. Visitors to the Wales Pavilion in Lorient were treated to performances by these three virtuoso musicians weaving a Welsh blanket of delicately coloured but robust threads, that enveloped the audience. From gentle airs to energy laden dance tunes, Alaw performed a rich and varied set, a real taste of Wales!”

Antwn Owen-Hicks, Festival Interceltique de Lorient 2016